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Located in the north-eastern part of Paros, one of the most fascinating and well-known Cycladic islands of Greece,

Pandesia Villas is wrapped in the sweet context of its vines, olive trees and bougainvillea constituting the location

ideal for relaxing and exploring the most famous places on the island.

Surrounded by the profile of Mount Molos with the monastery of Agios Antonios and the characteristic white houses of Marpissa and Marmara, the structure consists of two spacious independent villas each equipped with a private swimming pool, pergola with veranda overlooking the sea and courtyards with barbecue for exclusive use. . It is located a few kilometers from the cosmopolitan Naoussa, the characteristic white rock bay of Kolimpithres, the golden beach of Golden Beach and a few minutes walk from the pristine beach of Tsoukalia.

... for those looking for contact with nature, with its sounds and scents, without giving up the comfort of modernity;

... for those seeking refreshment from the frenetic pace of the city and its din;

… For those who love the luxury of simplicity, but appreciate elegance and refinement of details;

... for those looking for hospitality, but love to carve out their own space.

In Greek mythology Pandesia was one of the Charites (which the Romans later called Graces), goddesses of joy and beauty.

The Charites organized dances and parties for the Gods, therefore they were considered promoters and protectors of entertainment.

In particular Pandesia was the divinity devoted to banquets.

Hence our name.

Cheerfulness, conviviality, symphony of colors, sounds, smells ... Pandesia Villas wants to welcome you in this atmosphere.

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